March of the penguins…



Living in Western New York often means surviving ghastly winters with little sunshine and a whole lotta snow.  From November through March we scuttle around like penguins on ice — trying not to fall, walking swiftly to stay warm.  One of the reasons I became attracted to our new home was because it had skylights.  Thirteen of them, in fact.  In many climates that might be problematic but here it has made a huge differecne.  Every day it’s light and bright inside.  It doesn’t even matter what the weather outside is…snow or rain, the house still feels open and bright.  This week when the temperature reached 50 degrees I started opening up the sliding glass doors leading out to our decks.  My kids think I’m kooky (as they reached for sweatshirts) but a little fresh air goes a long way.  Over the weekend I actually scrubbed the decks down hoping we could sit out there soon. No doubt I’ll complain when it’s July and my first floor feels like a Betty Crocker oven…but for now I’m going to bask in the sun streaming through my living room!!!

Speaking of homes, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we close on the sale of our old home this week.  I loved my old house and a part of me feels this constant urge to stop by and visit it.  I go out of my way to drive through the neighborhood.  This wouldn’t be bad but I always end up feeling a little sad.  Weird, I know.

Heading to school in a few minutes….reading to my son’s second grade class!  Have a great Wednesday!!!!


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