Step away from that phone…


Girl on phone Hmm…that’s what I should have done yesterday.  For some odd reason I turned into a crankopotamus after speaking with a customer service rep from the local utility.  After years of overseeing call center operations and training I’ve developed a low tolerance (zero tolerance, actually) for poor service providers.  If you need to recite ridiculous rules, which every organization requires, at least present them in a customer focused manner.   Please don’t ask me to do the leg work for you (I can’t grant a utility access to a home I don’t legally own anymore).  Repeatedly telling me that I’m responsible for payment until you get in doesn’t sit well, especially when you say it could take days, a week, whatever!  Nor does requiring me to call you back with the new owner’s phone number (which I don’t have).  When you buy and sell a home the first thing you do is request connection or disconnection of service depending on the circumstances.  Pretty simple…at least in theory.

The first bad call set the tone for the next three companies I contacted.  By ten o’clock I was exhausted, miffed and feeling mega guilty.  Next time, I promise to just STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE!!!!


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