I’ll take…?


Sometimes it takes hours, days, or even weeks for me to make a decision.  Unlike my husband, I waffle quite a bit.  When it involves food — I’m positively a nightmare.  I knew when I woke up this morning it was going to be one of those days.  Was it a cereal, toast, or oatmeal kind of day? What snacks should I pack in the kid’s lunchboxes?    Should I use my mint Colgate or my weird tasting Crest toothpaste?  Everything was painful.  When I met up with a few of my writing buddies at Starbucks I literally froze.  Their menu choices made my brain ache.  I actually forced my friend to help me choose something (she’s a Starbucks expert so I knew I was in good hands).  I skipped lunch because I couldn’t figure out what the heck I wanted…pathetic!!!!!  Of course, my boys decided this would be the perfect night to go out for ice cream.  Our favorite local shop has about a trillion options.   After staring at the wall for ten minutes I finally chose watermellon sherbert (mainly because it was non-fat).  My guys picked yummy, yummy flavors (snickerdoodle, lemon pound cake, butter almond crunch).  It actually hurt watching them devour their bowls.  But then the unexpected happened.  My oldest asked if we could do a round robin…passing each bowl around in a circle, so everyone could enjoy the different flavors.  It was awesome.  Yum Yum Yum!


3 thoughts on “I’ll take…?

  1. What a good idea! My sister and I took our kids out after my daughter performed in her first concert. Band. We went to Friendly’s. We both got the Super Size Sundae. It was sooo d&*n good! YUM.

    Okay…repeat after me… Iced Tall Vanilla Nonfat Latte!
    Iced vanilla lattes are the best summer drink!

    I’m working tomorrow night, come on in!

    • Whew…I’m so glad you reminded me what exactly I ordered. I think it will be my summer drink…especially if I keep going for ice cream with my boys. Your Super Size Sundae sounds much more fun than what we had…which means I’ll probably hit Friendly’s right after my next trip to Starbucks! Have a great weekend!

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