Top Ten Things I’m Looking Forward To….

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bucket list.jpg   Looking forward isn’t always easy.  My head has been all over the place the last few months.  For almost ten years I spoke to my mother every day (actually twice a day) on the phone.  It was our way of keeping close…making sure she was a daily part of my family life.   Of course, I’m still talking to her — but in a different way.  I haven’t really found my groove yet.  I WILL THOUGH!

Today I’m all about pushing forward.  I’ve got a list.  And for a girl that hates lists that’s a pretty big step. 

  1. Haircut.  I’m looking like the overgrown shrubs in front of my house.  This is not retro, cute or trendy.  Must remedy my appearance ASAP.
  2. Deck furniture.  I’ve been laboring over this one for weeks.  I’ve dragged my husband to half a dozen stores and forced him to pour over catalogues with me.  So far we got nothing.  Zilch.  Now he is at the point where he’s given me the green light to pick anything.  Yeah — that counts as a victory in my corner.  Need to make a decision before he changes his mind.
  3. Picked up the Sookie Stackhouse “True Blood”  DVD set.  Now I need to find a spot where I can hide out for several hours and watch them. 
  4. Opened up my WIP last night for the first time in over a month.  I didn’t write much but I’m hopeful.  When I finish the two stories I’m working on, I am going to try my hand at something new.  Deets to follow.
  5. Zoo visit.  My kids are on break next week and my little one is hankering for a trip to the zoo.  Although I was there with my oldest son last weekend for a birthday party, I’m exicted to go back.  School trip in May is also on my horizon.  LOVE THE ZOO!
  6. Weed whacking.  The truth is my husband doesn’t really love when I get a hold of the weed whacker.  The lawn tractor, the snow blower…not a problem.  Something about the weed whacker makes him nervous.  My solution – put it to use when he’s at work.  Right now my front walkway needs some serious help!
  7. Hmmm…husband keeps mentioning puppies.  We have two and are still missing our beautiful bassett hound.  I have a fear that we might be welcoming another rescued dog in the near future.  This brings me both joy and a headache.  Go figure!
  8. After weeks without use of my beloved Kindle (lost my power cord) I’m finally back in business.  UPS delivered a replacement charger this week…which means I’ll be a downloading fool this weekend.
  9. This morning I pulled out spring/summer clothes for the boys.  Now I must organize closets and banish sweaters and cords until next year!  Yippee!
  10. Ooops…my well ran dry.  I got nothing else.  Which might be a good thing because if you’ve read this far you’re probably bored as heck 🙂

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