Spring Things…

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https://i0.wp.com/www.daemery.com/images/collage/01-05%20Spring%20Flowers%20web.jpgYesterday I sat on my front stoop and watched my boys play with a couple of friends.  Since we live a little further out than most of their classmates we don’t have play get togethers as often as I would like.  Today they are both going over to someone else’s house to hang out (which leaves me at loose ends…which is not the way I like to be).  Lately I just want to be busy doing anything to keep my day moving forward without too much thinking time.  Spring has definitely settled over Western NY and there are many things I want/need to get done.  Like most people I love this season:

  • Baseball is back.  My team, the Red Sox, have been horrid but that hasn’t prevented me from watching every game.  This year we have tickets for three games in Toronto (thank you, Joe) and a July game at Fenway (thank you, Gus).  None of my boys have been to Fenway so this will be a very cool outing!!!!
  • Lawn tractor – hopped on the tractor Tuesday and nearly flipped over.  Our new house has a lot of grass to cut and some of the hills are steep.  Hmmm….this will take time to get used to.  One of our neighbors actually stood along the fence line watching me.  He might have been preparing a rescue 🙂
  • Home improvement is somehow suited to this time of year.  We had one of the guys that spruced up our old house over to discuss some painting & repair work.  He has great ideas so I basically glommed on to every one of his suggestions. 
  • Sidewalk chalk.  Picked up a colorful box of chalk the other day.  My sons both grimaced but sure enough yesterday they were out scribbling secret codes on the driveway.  I lean toward drawing flowers and small puppies and they lean toward everything I SPY!
  • Now I’m always blabbling about baseball around here (heck, I wrote a book centered around the sport), but the truth is I also have a huge soft spot for hockey.  When I was in my teens I used to go to Boston Garden to watch the Bruins with a couple of my friends.  There’s something more intense, more physcial about this sport that totally keeps me engaged.  Well, now it’s playoff time.  My boys went into double OT last night to pull ahead 3-1 in their series against the Buffalo Sabres. 
  • Italian Ice — I scarfed down two Luigi’s Lemon Ice yesterday.  Mmmmmm mmmm good!
  • Pasta Salad.  Even though I love it, I never make pasta salad in the winter.  It just seems inappropriate.  Chances are my family will be seeing variations on this dish several times a week until September rolls around.

Oops…time to rally the troops and head out for the morning!  Hope everyone enjoys a lovely spring day!!!!


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