Has this happened to you?

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A cartoon picture of a professional salon.Even before I slipped out of bed yesterday, I knew it was going to be one of those odd days.  My boys were playing at someone else’s house and I was going to be on my own for a few hours.  During a normal school week this wouldn’t be a problem.  But this is spring break and somehow it just felt strange not having them with me.  Knowing that it had been months, a whole lot of months acutally, since I’ve had my hair trimmed I decided to pop into a local chain.   Now unless I have a hair emergency (i.e.,  I’ve been butchered by a stylist with big dreams and little skill) I tend to avoid the high price salons.  As soon as I sat in the chair and the stylist (whom I have had once or twice) started talking about their current hair coloring/highlight specials I knew I was going to let her spruce me right up.  THIS IS VERY UNUSUAL FOR ME.  When I want to play with color I pick up a box of Loreal at the drugstore.  Frankly this feels like something that should be done in the privacy of my bathroom.  This time I felt like she was silently chastising my roots (sometimes I play with deep reddish brown highlights — which grow out and look not quite as nice as they did when they were fresh).  Pressure built in my chest and I finally caved…and it was nice.  She did a better job than I could have and she was just the right level of chatty ( we traded dog stories, discovering we both have a soft spot for hard luck hounds).  I’m sensing this might become a habit! Oui!!!

My next stop, because I still had two hours to burn, was the paint store.  I labored, hard labor, over colors for thirty minutes.  It was so sad the manager came over twice to see if I needed help!  Finally I glommed onto every sample I could find and fled.  This was not a decision I could make alone.  My husband returns tonight from a business trip, I’m thinking I’ll just toss the project in his direction.  He can decide what to tell our painter tomorrow!!!!

Finally, and this too was odd, I scooted over to Kohls to check out patio furniture.  I’d been there on Wednesday so really what was the point you might ask?  Well, hippity dippity a five piece set I had been ogling was marked down from $399 to $159.  Of course the store didn’t have it on display (other than a sad lonely chair).  So I asked..asked again…it seems no one really knew what I was talking about.  Yeah, the whole ad in the paper didn’t seem to resonate with anyone.  Finally a floor manager went hunting.  By this point I had convinced another shopper that it was a darn good deal (because she had been sitting on the lone chair for the ten minutes I was trying to track down answers).  She was thrilled…she loved the set but didn’t know it was on sale.  The woman was actually prepared to pay $399 until she overheard my conversation.  Let me  close by telling you — they had two sets in stock.  One wound up in the back of my SUV and the other in that woman’s sedan (which was a sight to see). 

Quite a day my friends…between a fresh hair do and bargain priced furniture I was feeling the love of the universe 🙂


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