I’m whipped…pass the chocolate, please!


I need to hit the pause button on my life.  Apparently, I haven’t blogged lately (ummm, I didn’t realize until just now that I’d been away that long from my computer).  The past week has been plumb crazy.  Between school related activities — I could list them but I’d fall victim to carpal tunnel syndrome – home contractor visits, and writing group meetings I’m dog gone tired.  Seriously, I’ve been doubling up on my coffee intake and I’m still sleepy.  The bad thing is I’ve dropped the ball on a few ‘must do’ projects because I just didn’t remember.  Ugh!!!!  So now I’m sleepy and dopey.  But not hungry.  That’s one thing I never forget.   Every time I see an advertisement for Special K I want to diet.  Just tape my mouth shut for two weeks.  I will NOT wear shorts in public until my thighs start to behave properly.  They should know the drill by now — no jello routines outside my home. 

Please grab a tissue because I need to vent a little more.  Guess what?  The next ten days are going to be even worse.  If I made a ‘to do’ list I would have officially burned it by now.  I know spring tends to be busy…but I’ve already hit my maximum productivity level.  I need some chocolate.  NOW, Please!


3 thoughts on “I’m whipped…pass the chocolate, please!

  1. Oh my God, Rita, I’m in the exact same boat. I feel so overwhelmed by my life and everything going on.
    Next weekend I’m going camping with my daughters girl scout troop and I feel like it’s a huge mountain in my path. Once it’s over, life will be better.

    I’m sure once I’m there it will be fine.

    And what I really want is to have days to myself, and get together with you guys.
    Hopefully, after next weekend we’ll have more time to do just that.

    And I HEAR YOU about the chocolate.

  2. Terry, THANK YOU again to you, Daniel, + the boyos for a wonderful weekend ! Really enjoyed seeing you + had a great time. Love, Mr. FATS

  3. Gus – It was a great weekend!!! My boys loved hanging with their uncle!

    Christine – camping is one of those things I try to avoid. Something about nature (sleeping bags, cabins, no showers, etc) freaks me out! Hope you have a blast!!!


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