Today I feel like…


A big lazy rhino lying in hot dirt.  Why?  So many things on my ‘to do’ list are lingering way past the point of comfort.  We celebrated a wondeful weekend with family and friends recently for my son’s First Holy Communion.  Ask me if the THANK YOU notes have been sent out yet.  That would be a ‘heck no’.  Oh, and my primary work in progress is still sitting about 7,000 words shy of completion.  I open the file every day and rethink the way I want to wrap the story up.  Pitiful.  Don’t even bring up the subject of the multiple committees I’m currently serving on.  I have a dozen action items I’m responsible for that keep getting put to the side while I stare out the window eyeing up a rather large groundhog that has taken up summer residence in my backyard.  Suddenly I feel like my brain is suffering from attention deficit disorder.  I start projects all over the house and then flit between them when motivation strikes.  Maybe the cotton flying off the trees has found a way between my ears (not to mention the allergies that they’ve kicked into high gear).  Well, one task I never put on the back burner…is tooling around on my lawn tractor.  Must go cut the grass (which scares the bejeebers out of my little groundhog friend).


4 thoughts on “Today I feel like…

    • Kersey,

      Now you have me pawing through boxes to find my DVD’s. I haven’t seen Caddyshack in about five years!!!

      P.S. Thanks for coming back to my blog. I’ve missed you!!!!

  1. Oh vey,
    Rita, we all need to go away for a weekend! Seriously. Do you camp? If not…hotel somewhere? Casino?

    • Shhh…I’ve never really done the camping thing! In sixth grade we went away with our class for a week and stayed in these oversized cabins. It was horrible…picture eleven year olds combined with an episode of Survivor. Seriously, I would have walked home if I could have 🙂

      I think it would be fun to do something this summer….let’s ponder our options!


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