You’re up then you’re down…


You’re hot then you’re cold
You’re yes then you’re no

I’ve been absolutely loopy the past few days.  Technically this could be due to partial sleep deprivation, over consumption of sugar, or the steady dose of allergy medicine that has been keeping me breathing steadily.  Last night, after the boys finally fell asleep, I dragged out my laptop and started diving into my WIP.  For ten minutes I felt inspired.  Words were flowing and my brain was clicking at an unheard of clip.  Somewhere during this burst of raw energy my eyes closed.  Like completely shut down.  I fell asleep with the Celtics game blaring in the background, my computer perched precariously on my lap, and a can of Diet Coke on the ottoman in front of me.  Thank goodness my husband called me on the phone (he’s out of town on business) before the eleven o’clock news or I probably would have been bathing my feet in syrupy soda all night.  Ick!!!!

When I opened up my manuscript this morning I was pleased with the stinkin’ paragraph I added last night.  It was a fabulous seventy-five words…Now If I could have stayed awake maybe an hour or two I would have been that much closer to THE END.  But I’m up then I’m down….hot then I’m cold


6 thoughts on “You’re up then you’re down…

  1. TERRY, you’re much too young to be …. Aren’t you ? Oh, never mind …. Perhaps it’s later than I think !

  2. Oh that’s nice….let me assure you that my out of control allergies are largely to blame for my physical and mental state. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to crawl back under my comforter and eat a bag of licorice!!!!

    Rita (aka Terry)

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