Panic attack…


Amazon Kindle 2

Well, almost a panic attack.  The other night I tried to turn off my Kindle and nothing happened.  The screen froze and my heart nearly did the same.  For about 20 months I have kept that Kindle glued to my side, always within arm’s reach.  It has about 150 books on it (technically 4 of those are business books that my husband downloaded).  Frankly it is my one concession to the digital age.  Take my cell phone.  Take my laptop (give it back though).  I just don’t feel comfortable living with a non functioning e-book reader.  Now this breakdown happened in the evening as my husband was engrossed with a project for work (i.e., work that pays our bills).  Sadly that didn’t deter me.  I practically demanded, which is not really my style, immediate assistance.  He examined it.  Unscrewed the back.  Plugged it back into the charger.  Flipped buttons I didn’t even know existed.  Ummmm…but nothing changed.  My screen was still frozen.  Maybe it was the panic in my eyes or the desperation in my voice, but at this juncture he suggested we immediately get on line and order a new device from Amazon (overnight delivery).  Thank goodness my brain synapses finally started firing again.  I declined his offer of a brand new Kindle, insisting we try to revive my beloved original.  The next morning he tinkered with it again and much to my amazement — voila, it worked.  I was back in business.  Of course, he left the house warning me that it was just a matter of time and that I should practice saying goodbye to my Kindle.  Does this make me a loser?  Yeah, don’t bother answering that question.  I know.  So sad.


6 thoughts on “Panic attack…

  1. TERRY, I hope I ‘m not embarassing anyone but, Mr. PAUL KERSEY becomes absolutely unbearable whenever he misplaces his KINDLE ….

    • This better not be a Cruel, Cruel Summer…frankly it’s off to a rather poor start. Well, I’ll save that story for another day!!!!


  2. When things go wrong Don’t walk away That will only make it harder Why you want to run away That won’t get you any farther

    It is still only spring

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