Is it 2011 yet?


Some of you may remember a blog post back in late 2009 where I expressed the belief that 2010 was not destined to be a stellar year for yours truly.  Hello, could someone have possibly sent me a cyber slap?  I mean that was like asking destiny to kick my butt over and over this year.  Now, I’m not going to break out a list of the many stink-o-docious moments I’ve had.  Really, who cares?  I’m just putting it in writing that I think the remainder of 2010 is going to be AMAZING.  Like I might win the lottery or win the HGTV Dream Home or move to some remote island with my family with a big bag of Doritos kind of AMAZING. 

Hmmm….just in case the universe is listening I’m also putting it out early that in 2011 my mouth is going to be sore from smiling too often and too wide!


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