Last year I heard many unhappy campers complain bitterly about too many cool days; days where temperatures only reached the high 70’s.  I silently thanked the heavens that it was a bearable summer.  A summer where I could play outside with my boys and not worry about flooding the entire neighborhood with the perspiration pouring out of my body.  The heat is on now…it’s been 90 plus for several days and will likely stay in that range through this whole week.  Honestly I feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  Plump.  Hot.  Pasty (my Irish complexion doesn’t last long under a blazing sun).  Today we’ve stayed locked inside, except when mandatory errands forced us out.  Ick.   Right now I’m praying for rain.  A cool blast of rain that would put some green back in my burnt lawn.  If this is how the summer of 2010 is going to play out, I’m just going to curl up on my couch and wait out the arrival of September.  Have at it all you lovers of heat and humidity — just remember I’m already saying my prayers for next July!!!!


12 thoughts on “Grouchopotamus…

  1. TERRY, confession time, I too enjoyed the cool, wet weather of the Summer of ’09 er ! What does that say about us ?

    • I’m pretty sure it says a great deal about us…none of it good, my friend!

      Today I’m sitting around eating chocolate, watching the steam rise from the asphalt 🙂


    • Nah TERRY, Lady GOO-GOO + Fergie not so much. I think you know how I feel about black-eyed peas ! My preferences run more to MARILYN McCOO,ANITA BAKER, Miss ARETHA FRANKLIN, etc …. Now those were my kind of ladies !

    • Could she have really shaked her groove thing without, Herb? I think Marilyn would have been fine without Billy Davis — Peaches might have struggled. Just throwin’ it out there….


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