Summer days…


Is it crazy to love the summer months but hate the heat?  I’m all for cool mornings reading the newspaper on my front glider.  Or sipping a glass of wine on my back deck as the sun sets in the west.  It’s the in between hours that sometime put a damper on my day.  For many in the northeast this has been a particularly warm (uncomfortable) July.  I’m always slightly amazed by the number of people that love the high heat and humidity.  As the sweat drips off their brows, they claim they hope we’re this lucky in August.  Ugh!  I’m sorry the moment I feel a trickle of perspiration along my spine I want to take a shower. 

This summer I’ve struggled to find books that have held my interest.  Over the weekend, however, my father-in-law passed along “In the Neighborhood – The Search for Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time” by Peter Lovenheim.  I actually started it Sunday afternoon and completed it in one sitting.  The author and story is local to my community and I found it fascinating.  Lovenheim explores the relationships within his neighborhood using a tragic act of violence as a driving force to create a support network amongst people living on an exclusive street in a Rochester suburb.  In an effort to know more about the strangers living on his block, Lovenheim actually asks if he can sleepover. While many say no (which would probably be my reaction), some welcome him into their homes and their lives.  This book was was at times inspiring and at other points depressing.  All in all it is one I would recommend to others.

This is the big week for RWA members.  The annual conference is now in session down in Orlando.  Hmmm…I’m not there but I envy those who are participating.  Next year the site will be NYC — a definite possibility for me!

For several days I have been suffering from extreme allergies (again).  Even with medication my eyes puff out and the tears flow like a bad soap opera actress.  The good news is that it has limited my ability to drive the kids up and down and all around.  My WIP actually moved past a chapter that had been kicking my butt for weeks.  A scene finally popped into my head that made sense.  Now, I’m down to the final chapter — I think.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Writing has been difficult for me this year.  I’m ready to type THE END on this book and on this blog post 🙂


4 thoughts on “Summer days…

    • I think Seals and Croft has now come up more than once in this space. This is amusing because I’m not really sure I know who the heck they are 🙂 Oh, the seventies!


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