The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…


Whew…let me start with the good news.   I finally reached the end of a manuscript that was kicking my butt so hard it left bruises.  Now this is just a completed draft, so serious editing will have to take place before it can go anywhere beyond my laptop.  But it still feels darn good not to look at the same blank page each day.

Okay, the bad news.  Now I’m hooked on this short story I started this week.  See, I don’t really know how to write a ‘short story’.  It’s a lot more difficult  than writing category or novel length books.  But I read about a certain publisher (that I love) that is looking for short stories for a particular anthology.  These are typically very competitive…so I’m not likely to get selected, but the challenge was too good to pass up!!!

Grab a bag before I give you the ugly.  Sunday afternoon my husband and I took our youngest to the movies.  Number one son was off visiting a friend and number two was anxious to see Cats and Dogs (Revenge of Kitty Galore).  The whole movie theater experience makes me uncomfortable.  I won’t lament the price of admission and snacks.  But it’s so sad to see just two other people in a huge theater.  Many times we’re alone.  Depressing much?  Today we made the uber mistake of letting my son have popcorn.  I took one handful and practically gagged.  It was icky salty.  I warned (really) my son and husband that it tasted bad.  After waiting twenty minutes for the movie to start, I noticed my son wiggling in his seat.   Then the dreaded, “I don’t feel good”.  We ran, ran, ran up the aisle.  Made it as far as the floor of the ladies room.  It was brutal.  I couldn’t even clean him or anything else up because there were no paper towels (hot blowers are not very helpful in this type of situation).  And then, of course, I debated going to the concession stand and letting them know that the popcorn could gag a goat.  And no, I’m not exaggerating.  Five minutes into a $40 dollar movie and we’re a mess from overpriced popcorn.  Ugly, I say.  Very, very ugly!!!


4 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

    • Hmmm…my stomach is still feeling slightly queasy. Perhaps I’ll wait another day or two before searching out the Popcorn Song 🙂 Maybe I can use this as a PSA for dog owners. If you need to make your dog unleash the contents of his/her stomach, salt is sometimes the way to go. As long as if what they swallowed won’t harm them more on the way back up their throat, it really brings about immediate results.


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