Chichi…so, not me!


Last week we made our annual baseball pilgrimage to Toronto.   Instead of staying at the Westin Harbour Castle we stayed at a Sheraton that was much closer to shops and restaurants.  In terms of the boys, this was a definite bonus.  A trip anywhere (even a mile from home) means eating out a dozen times a day.  This trip I came to a very difficult realization…I am the opposite of chic!  Like most urban centers, Toronto has a cool vibe.  Young or old, the people look like they belong on the cover of Vogue.  Here are three reasons I stood out like a bumpkin:

  • My shoes — sadly I was the only one trudging the streets of Toronto in flat black sandals.  They fall into the cute and cuddly category.    Not the hot and happening look!

                                                                               See?  In retrospect I’d gladly suffer from gut wrenching pain in my arches if it meant I blended in better with the natives.

  • Every evening we hit a different restaurant.  Most of them were pub like in atmosphere.  Normally I’d gleefully order a lovely drink (just one, mind you).  This time my mouth kept bursting out the word lemonade.  So, not cool.  Especially when you consider that most places in Toronto don’t offer lemonade as a selection (side note:  this is problematic for me.  I always forget.  Always order it.  Always get a strange look and then a head shake.)  Bottom line, while everyone around me was sipping something colorful and fresh, I was slurping down ice water.  In my defense, it was very warm and hydration seemed a more pressing priority than bliss.


  • Normally our trip consists of three night games (Red Sox vs. Blue Jays).  This time the final match up was held in the afternoon.  Uh oh!  Guess who forgot sunblock?  It was toasty hot and we were planted directly in the path of burning bolts of sunshine.  Like a neurotic mother I ran around the stadium until I found a concession stand where I could buy sunscreen (30 ml cost me over $5…it’s about enough to cover one shoulder and half a forehead).  Here’s the odd part:  I greased up my gang twice; afraid that our noses would put Rudolph to shame if we were not careful.  I didn’t see a single person around me do the same.  Ironically it was camp day at Rogers Centre and the stadium was packed.  Kids were turning lobster pink but no one seemed to notice (except nosy me).  Despite my best efforts, I still walked away with pink cheeks.  Not cool my friends…so, not cool!!!

2 thoughts on “Chichi…so, not me!

  1. TErRy –

    In addition to being a wild, happening, + chic kind of place, I’ve heard that TORONTO would be a great city to stage a family reunion type of event. Thoughts ?

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