Lazy life at the lake…


Spending the final week of summer at a nearby lake with my in-laws.  There was a harvest moon over the water Sunday night that was beyond breathtaking.  (It looked too big to even be the moon…seriously it was gi-huge-ic!

Although it’s extremely toasty outside the boys are loving fishing, swimming and hanging out on the boat.  I’ve taken some great pictures that I’ll post when I return after Labor day!  

Enjoy the last flicker of summer.  See you soon!!!!


7 thoughts on “Lazy life at the lake…

  1. Ahhhh boys + girls, Mister NEIL YOUNG …. As a symbol of deference, greeting, respect, + welcome to my soon – to – arrive UNCLE EARL, would love to hear me some “HURRICANE” right about now ! Can you dig it ?

    • This is the best darn time at the Cape…when everyone else heads home and the beaches are empty:-) Instead we’re gearing up for back to school tomorrow!!! Boo hoo!


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