I’m a mess…a total mess!!!

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Okay, I’m exaggerating a wee bit.  I have a head cold courtesy of my youngest son.  Back to school means mom gets sick within the first two weeks.  Every year!   Throw in my ongoing battle with insomnia and you know I’m looking pretty darn ragged.  Normally I’d curl up and hide but this weekend I am attending a writing conference.  Do you feel bad for me yet?  Hold on…there’s more.

Last weekend I messed up my pinkie finger playing flag football.   Of course it swelled to three times its normal size and turned purple…it was either sprained or maybe broken.  I couldn’t move it without tremendous pain for about six days.  Now the swelling has decreased and the purple bruising has turned to a pretty fall hue (yellowish/green).  The sad part is that the computer keyboard is now a complete pain in the butt.  Every time I automatically go to use my left pinkie I wince.  Guess how much writing I’ve been getting done?  Not-so-much! 

Now I need to drag my sorry self into the closet to find something ‘cute’ to wear tonight.  Right now I’ll settle for something that goes with yellow/green and can hold a huge stash of Kleenix.


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