Picks and pans…


  • Attended a fabulous writing workshop over the weekend led by author Jessica Andersen.  In addition to delivering a thought provoking program on world building, Jessica provided great insight into her own path to success.  She was funny, down to earth, and extremely generous with her time and her tips.  (Sometimes when you meet an author whose work you really enjoy, the experience can be disppointing.  This was not the case at all with Jessica Andersen.  She was both delightful and brilliant).
  • Watched the season premiere of CASTLE last night — and I must confess that it didn’t grab me.  I thought the final episode last season was grade A awesome and the payoff last night only marginal.   Please, please don’t let this show tank.  Sometimes being too cute isn’t cute at all.
  • Discovered a new apple orchard about five minutes from my home.  Bought a bushel of macs and they were mouth watering.  Hoping to snag some cider this weekend!!!!  I can feel five fun fall pounds already settling around my hips.
  • Ooops…agreed to speak in public with my family the weekend of October 9th.  Yes, I confess that I am already regretting this decision.  MUST write speech today, so I can practice, practice, practice!
  • Baby sat our neighbor’s dogs last week.  Loved playing with two new friends.  On the flip side, my boys think it’s time to get a third dog for us.
  • I’m afraid one of our African dwarf frogs has become anorexic.  He’s not eating and I can’t force food down his tiny throat.  What’s a girl to do?

2 thoughts on “Picks and pans…

    • Walking in the park sounds so bucolic, Mr. Kersey! I’m afraid Big Papi (our oversized dwarf frog) is scarfing down all the food before his friend Youk gets a chance to grab some. Those darn ‘sox’ are real stinkers this year.


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