One cup too many?


coffee.jpg coffee image by indaspotlight7

I’m jacked up on coffee this morning.  The past week has been chock full of mini anxiety episodes for me.  After much debate I joined my son joined Cub Scouts.  We had our first official meeting last week and I realized that I’m completely unqualified to be a ‘cub’ parent.  Gone are the days when you drop your child off for a den meeting and tool around for a few hours until you have to pick them up.  Now each child must have a guardian present during the meeting.  Hmm…this would not be a problem if my spouse had a moment of free time where he could participate.  But things are hectic, which means my poor #1 son is stuck with me.  Me — a woman who cannot tie a normal knot; never mind a ‘drowning in a pond save your life’ kind of knot.  Last week I actually tried to fake it.  Wrapped a rope around, twisted it here and there, yanked it through a hole …and tadah — it fell apart.  Finally I pushed back from the work table and let the guy next to me mentor us through the proper procedure.  I’m really, really looking forward to tomorrow night when the focus of the meeting is “building muscles”.  I kid you not…think I’m going to embarrass myself again?  ABSOLUTELY!  Am I too old to blame my parents?  We conquered every sport as a child but this BOY SCOUT/GIRL SCOUT stuff was something we managed to avoid.  Now it has come back to haunt me…it haunts me like a curse.  Oops, this is not the time to badly paraphrase Bruce Springsteen.

Stepping away from the computer so I can dump the rest of my coffee down the drain.  It’s my third cup and I can already feel the nerves in my fingers start to shake 🙂


3 thoughts on “One cup too many?

  1. The rabbit comes out of the hole,goes
    around the tree and then back in the hole!As
    far as dumping COFFEE down the drain…….!

  2. Absolutely love that line from The Boss …. ” Is a dream alive that don’t come true, or is it something worse … ” Guess what CD I’ll be playing when I go to hit the rack tonight ?

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