Teaching history to our children…


I’m just kidding about the history…but I do get a tremendous kick out of teaching my kids whacky songs from days gone by.  I’ve blogged in the past about our morning ritual.  Windows down.  Sunroof open.  Singing at the top of our lungs as we drive to school.  Yesterday it was “Leroy Brown”.  Today “Sunglasses at Night”.  About a week ago we did suffer a brief bout of humiliation when one of the school administrators caught us singing ABBA in the parking lot, while we waited for the school doors to open.  While they squarely put the blame on my shoulders, the truth is we were all jamming.  I’m pretty close to having them appreciate the beauty of Roy Orbison’s voice. 

I’m happy to have the weekend behind me.   My spouse and I had some public speaking obligations on Saturday and Sunday — which threw our couch potato routine right out the window.  We didn’t read, watch football or eat Doritos.  So sad….so very sad!

Part way through a new WIP.  The funny thing is the first 25,000 words don’t make me want to cringe.   This is a huge step forward for me.  Usually I need a barf bag when I read my own work.  (Stink-o-docious!  I hope I didn’t just jinx myself).  Please say a prayer that I don’t blow the second half of the story.  Trust me.  This can happen all too easily.  For those who keep track, I’m still pushing forward on two short stories.  Everything is half done right now!  Awwwww!


10 thoughts on “Teaching history to our children…

  1. Mr. KERSEY, thank you for your accurate + keen perception of history. IMHO, there’s far too much revisionism in today’s world when we reflect back on a bygone era ….

  2. What I would have given to seeing you rock out to Dancing Queen. 😉

    Sorry, but I’m proud you didn’t need a barf bag… Possitive Outcomes Only, Sweet Pea!

    • It’s amazing how much dancing can be done behind a steering wheel. Each day we try to pick a different decade of music. Of course, my boys think I’m slighly off my rocker!!!


  3. TERRy, not sure you are aware of this but, sometimes while chasing whitey out on the links certain members of both your immediate + extended family have been known to use a pencil’s eraser to their competitive advantage ! How ’bout that for revisionism ? As usual, that stays just between us guys ….

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