Can I borrow…



I’m in desperate need of:

  • Tissues – I’ve gone through four small boxes since Monday and I’m too darn lazy to go back to the store for more.  I’m in head cold &^#@ right now…sore throat, runny nose, crusty eyes.  You get the picture.  If you drive by my house toss unopened Kleenex boxes on the front porch.  PLEASE.  You might be able to use it as a tax write-off.
  • Brain cells – last week was quite productive in terms of my writing.  Now I’ve got nothing.  And do you want to know an ugly truth?  I’m jealous of my writing buddies who are churning out pages like crazy.  People say you can’t compare yourself to others…I say $@*&.
  • A scale – my current bathroom scale says I’m up about 3-4 pounds from where I SHOULD be.  Now I know some of you will roll your eyes over that, but when you’ve stayed the same weight for years carrying extra lbs is muy deprimente.  If you own a scale that always gives you the benefit of the doubt, leave it next to the tissues on my front porch. PLEASE.
  • A pretty dress – I have a function next week and I’d like to wear something different (yes, this is because my added four pounds make me look like a sausage in some of my existing wardrobe).  As with the tissue situation, I’m too lazy to drag myself to the store.  The thought of staring at myself in a three way mirror —- oh, the horror!
  • Clean socks – you guessed it!  Dirty laundry is piling up at mi casa.  I realize going sockless is an option, but the weather has turned significantly colder and my ankles are numb.  Front porch.  PLEASE.

Oh, I just found an extra bag of Hall’s Cough Drops.  Yippee!  I’ll put that in the column of things I don’t need 🙂


6 thoughts on “Can I borrow…

  1. LOL. Ok, Honey Halls this blog is priceless!
    Now, I need tissues to dry the tears of humor from my face.
    Ok. Breathe. I can go pump out another couple words.

  2. I hope you’re not gloating with the “pump out another couple of words”. That would be beneath you, Deb. I’m not even going to comment on your “tears of humor”…oops, I guess I just did! Don’t be surprised if your name appears in my next story, young lady!!!


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