Please stop…


I’m working on a three day headache…hoping I can set a personal record and keep it going for another four days!  Whacky weather fluctuations always mess with my sinuses.  Normally I’d take a few Advil, but this time I’m just saying NO.   Speaking of saying no,  there are a few other things I’m pulling out the stop sign on:

  • Media – pull the plug on the Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Kardashian clan stories.  Although I’ve not received an official medical diagnosis, I do believe part of my headache is a direct result of these *%^#@* gossip grabbers.  Maybe you could just tweet this kind of drivel and let all the twitter bugs feast upon it.
  • Tax man – my town is threatening to hike taxes by 320%….since I live in one of the highest taxed regions in the country, I’m thinking NO!  When my headache decides to take a break I’m going to go out and shop for some industrial sized boxes.  At the rate our economy is drowning, I need to plan for alternate housing.  How big of a box would I need for four humans, two dogs, three frogs, and two snails?  Think about that and get back to me.
  • Food deprivation – I tried smart eating for a few hours yesterday.  Guess what?  It made my headache ten times worse.  In light of that discovery I helped myself to a big ole piece of Grandma’s Coffee Cake this morning.  I’m pulling out control tops for the dress I have to wear tomorrow night.  What’s a little extra insulation around the tummy when you’re with friends?
  • Clean windows – For now I’m saying let the dirt live on and prosper.  I need to get on my roof (total height phobe, here) and clean our sky lights.  Now the roof line in question is flat — so in theory — this is a feasible task.  Every time I look up I see dirt speckled window panes.  I’m starting to like the look…well, at least I’m telling my husband that.

Time for some more coffee cake.   Maybe even a little nap….just kidding.  (About the nap, the coffee cake is definitely a go).


4 thoughts on “Please stop…

  1. Oh, Gus. I almost forgot that you know the man, the myth, the legend…Bobby K! I’ll say this about the guy, he makes a darn good coffee cake. Overpriced? Maybe. But worth every &@$* added layer of fat around my middle. Yummy!!!!


  2. Mr. KERSEY, I used to know a man mamed CURTIS who worked in the COLLECTIONS Dep’t. of a company I used to work for …. Heck of a nice guy but you sure wouldn’t want to cross him ! Wonder what he’s up to these days ….

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