Let it snow….

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Casa de Oberlies has been very busy lately.  Last week we were out every evening, with the exception of Tuesday (Never ask me to do anything on a Tuesday because I’ll tell you I have a prior obligation…of course, I could probably tape Mark Harmon on NCIS but I think he’d be disappointed if I wasn’t curled up on the couch watching at precisely 8:00 EST). 

Ten minutes into our Trick or Treat trek last night, raindrops appeared out of nowhere.  Now every parent knows a rainy Halloween is just as depressing as fat free cookies.  But just when I was about to plaster on a pout, the rain turned into snow.  Big. Sloppy.  Wet.  Flakes were flying everywhere.  It was beautiful, man 🙂  An hour later I was ready to hang up my treat bag…snow is only fun when you’re wearing  proper footwear.  Traipsing around in 35 degree weather with saturated clogs puts a damper (ha ha ha) on even the most festive of occasions.  This morning I am carrying on the annual tradition of plowing through the kid’s candy bags- while they’re in school – in search of Snickers, Charleston Chews, and Dots.  I’ll be in a sugar induced haze by the time I have to pick them up this afternoon.

Between candy consumption and a blasted night of insomnia I’m a wee bit of a wreck.  Last night I stayed up until midnight finishing a short story.  I had set a deadline in my brain that I’d complete it by Halloween.  For some reason I couldn’t let it go… My husband thinks I should try applying that same level of determination to the laundry, dishes, dusting…doh!!!!  I’m thinking he needs a little Hershey bar to sweeten him up!


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