Things that make me laugh…Election Day Edition


Let me start with a confession — I’m an election day geek.  Everything about the process (oops, that’s a wee bit of an exaggeration) sends a jolt of excitement through my body.  This year we reside in a different county.  So, I literally woke up with an added spring in my step.  New polling district.  New election officials.  Color me jazzed!

My emotional high stuttered when I reached the election site.  Gone were the old fashioned pull levers.  Before you get excited like I did imagining a high tech touch screen…think back to your SAT days.  Those crapadocious fill in the small hole sheets — remember them?  That’s exactly what NY state voters now face.  Once you finish coloring in the approppriate circle you bring it up to an election official who watches you feed it into the scanner.  But…wait.  In my community the scanner kicked back over ninety percent of the ballots.  Out of the hundred + forms entered this morning only 13 were successfully read by the machine.  Which means most of the votes in my district will need to be hand counted tonight.  Is that funny?  Or is that ridiculous?  Somehow I think Bill Gates would be crying right now.


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