All I want for Christmas…oops before Christmas I mean!

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Back home…after enjoying a rather bittersweet Thanksgiving in Boston.  Loved spending time with my siblings and nieces/nephews.  Not so much love for the four pounds I added around my bubbalicious waist.  Oh, well.  That number will surely rise before we usher in the New Year – no sense wearing out the bathroom scale.

Now I’m mentally making the transition over to Christmas preparations.   Before I begin to pull out decorations, however, I am making a solemn promise to complete the following.  (This is more because I think these things are fun).

  • Enter The Knight Agency Contest:  I actually glommed on to Deidre Knight through her Midnight Warriors books.  Her novel Butterfly Tattoo is on my permanent keeper shelf.  It was through her writing that I began to take notice of her literary agency.  Anyway she is kicking off a really cool contest on November 30th.  Here’s a blurb:

  Knight Agency president and founder Deidre Knight is on the hunt for a fresh, unique voice to add to her personal client roster. Are you the one she’s looking for? Find out by joining us here on The Knight Agency blog for “Speed Dating with Deidre.” Beginning Tuesday, November 30th, Deidre will whittle down the first 125 entries to one lucky winner.* The contest opens at 8:00am ET right here on the blog, so set your alarms!

  •  Harlequin is also running a pretty great program that promises a speedy turnaround on a first chapter & synopsis.  Here’s a brief blurb from their eharlequin site.  (I hope to submit something before the 15th).

So, the question is: Are you ready? If so, we would love to read your first chapter and synopsis. Making sure to put “SYTYCW 1st Chapter & Synopsis” in the subject heading of your email, feel free to submit to the same email address: by December 15, 2010 at 6pm EST.  Our panel of experts will read every one of your proposals and consider pursuing submissions further. We will update you on our results by January 31, 2011.


  • My third thing is not related to writing at all (whew)!  I’m having work done in my kitchen & hallways.  Presently about 600 feet of flooring on the main level of my home is gunmetal gray tile.  The nicest thing I can say about it is that it is extremely durable.  After much soul searching (just kidding – hubby and I are completely impulsive), we picked out some Italian porcelain title.  It looks like Travertine.  Anyway, the contractor begins tearing out the old tomorrow.  Since it’s a pretty big area, it won’t be finished until the middle/end of next week.   This is one of those moments where I’m really happy we have a second kitchen in the lower level.  We can stay off of the main level without too much interruption to our normal routine!!!!  I’m so glad the project will be done before Christmas!!! 

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