An unexpected reason to smile…

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If you are a frequent reader of this blog you already know:

  1. Writing gives me an adrenaline rush.  That rush lasts right up until I reach the point where the story is wrapped up and I need to switch my focus to submission options.  This is where things get hairy.  Some fear rejection.  I, on the other hand, feel more shock (and anxiety) when I don’t get the thumbs down.  Yes, this probably doesn’t make sense and I should probably not cop to it publicly.  But it’s true.
  2. When something unexpectedly positive happens it always shocks me to pieces.  Seriously — I never see it coming.

This morning I found out that I was one of the extremely fortunate individuals that had been selected to move forward in Deidre Knight’s contest (major squee).  After reviewing 175 entries, Ms. Knight narrowed it down to her top thirty.  I was actually in the middle of a critique session with some local writer friends when the email popped up on my Blackberry.  It took me about twenty minutes before I told mycritique partners. (I’m not sure if that’s weird; sitting there with a goofy smile and shaky hands but not spilling my guts).

So, color me excited.  As a struggling writer, I glom on to every milestone and tuck it safely away.  The fact that I can now say Deidre Knight (whose books line my shelf and my Kindle) has read some of my work — is about the grooviest thing to happen to me all year.  Indeed, an early Christmas present!


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