Oh, the weather outside is…delightful!


Do you love being blanketed with heavy, wet snow?  C’mon, this time of year it is pretty sweet to wake up to fresh, glistening snow as far as your eyes can see. Of course, there are limits to this kind of love.  An extra hour commuting with the kidlets to school can be stressful when many around you forgot to break out the snow tires (errr, this weather shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone living in Western New York). 

Between the snow and contractor upheaval in my home, I’ve been on the search for a quiet retreat where I can catch up on my writing.  Although I love Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, my scale protests when I sneak in too many long visits.  After scouring local libraries I found a lovely spot near my children’s school.  It’s quiet.  Roomy.  And it has a crackling fireplace with comfy leather chairs strewn around it.  Truly nirvana!  I’m off now to pack up my computer bag (with a pocket full of crunchy snacks).  Fingers crossed I don’t fall asleep in one of those cozy chairs (they might revoke my library card)!!!  Have a great day!!!


8 thoughts on “Oh, the weather outside is…delightful!

  1. I was thinking Gordon lightfoot.untill i
    Goggle…………that was good!Was he the
    one or was that his bro.,he owe’s me a DIET

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