• We’ve been hitting the holiday party scene pretty hard the past week.  Count them – three – in one weekend.  Although each one was quite different in style and atmosphere, they were all fun.  (As a part time introvert I don’t always enjoy large gatherings but these all deserved a big thumbs up).
  • I did not make it through to the next round in the Deidre Knight contest (no tears please, it’s enough to know that you’re hurting inside).  But I still feel some leftover glow from having hit the top thirty. 
  • Have not started my holiday shopping.  Not a single gift has been purchased yet!!!  If you are a close relative reading this post….you’re the exception.  A present should arrive shortly on your doorstep.
  • My new porcelain tile floors are beautiful.  Our contractor was a perfectionist…hope to post pictures soon!
  • Trying to clean up my Harlequin So You Think You Can Write entry…the deadline is tomorrow!  Holy Bat Time!
  • Just realized NCIS is starting…I’m outta here.

3 thoughts on “Updates…

    • Eeerrrrr….just hit the send button this morning! I’m amazed you can work at the computer with the tv on. My brain gets distracted way too easily 🙂


  1. Speaking of updates, today (Sun.,12/19) is JENNIFER BEALS’ 47th B’Day ! Back in the day, that little sweat-shirt draped over -the-shoulder thingy really was the bomb. Happy B’Day JENNY BABY, you rock !

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