Feeling frenzied…


Eeeek!  I so wish today wasn’t the 21st of December.  I’m not ready.  Not even close.  The work in my home is still being done.  The problem with great contractors — is that they are perfectionists.  They care about the details more than I do!  Of course, I’m using this as an excuse as to why my shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, decorating is not completed.  So far everyone seems to emote the right level of sympathy for my plight (ie. my children and spouse have not cried over the quasi festive state of our home).   

But today (or tomorrow) is my must get it together deadline.  Post office.  Mall.  Salon.  Restaurant.  Bank.  These are all stops on my winter wonderland tour.  Now just in case you were wondering, the salon is not for self beautification.  I am what I am – and as long as I’m clean I don’t care what my hair and nails look like this season.  But I need to purchase gift cards for teachers, etc.  Yesterday it took stops at four stores to find cookie sprinkles.  Really?  Like this would be an unexpected item this time of year. 

Oops…not the time for complaining.  I’m hoping Santa remembers to stuff my stocking with milk chocolate.  No gifts (other than food) wanted or needed this year, Jolly Old Man!!!


4 thoughts on “Feeling frenzied…

  1. TERRY, just a quick thought to lighten your load…. Two of your all-time favs share something in common. That’s right, JANE FONDA and PHIL DONAHUE both turn 75 years old today(Tues., 12/21/10 !) How about that ?

    • Gus…

      It’s almost hard to believe that Phil and Jane are thaaat old! I have a difficult time watching Phil’s better half on television commercials these days. That Girl is no longer all that.


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