A life well lived…



The past few days I’ve been away from my computer.  My daily routine has been anything but routine.  As the new year dawned, my husband’s grandmother started to decline.  At the age of 104, her body finally started to slow down.  We gathered around her day and night (making sure that she was never alone for a moment).  She slipped away yesterday surrounded by family.  In more ways than I can share she was a remarkable woman.  Strong.  Independent.  A pioneer (she made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the First Female Racing Steward in the history of Thoroughbred Racing).  Every day she moved forward regardless of what difficulties she faced.  Her life was well lived.  And she will be missed.


2 thoughts on “A life well lived…

  1. Indeed. Mrs. OBERLIES was a lovely lady who leaves behind a legacy symbolized by the wonderful,kind, and decent people that are her family. For that, we are all most fortunate and thus, shall be forever grateful. May GOD Bless her soul and bring comfort to JOHN and MARY, LARRY and MAUREEN, and all of her family during this most difficult time.

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