Let me start by saying the following are not resolutions for the new year.  If I put them ‘out there’ as resolutions they’re destined to fail – miserably.  The universe has a strange sense of humor sometimes.   Nevertheless these are some of the things floating around in my head as the new year trudges forward:

In 2011 I will have…

Learned how to keep an electronic calendar.  Don’t you dare laugh — I know it’s ridiculous to pull out a pocket paper calendar when you tote around a Blackberry and laptop wherever you go. 

Changed my drinking habitsNo, I’m not suggesting I have an overly affectionate relationship with wine or spiced rum.  My problem is that I don’t like liquids.  Seriously — I hardly drink anything beyond 2 cups of coffee and half a can of Diet Coke a day.  Water?  Milk?  Juice?  Not so much a part of my daily routine.  Yes, this is bad.

Figured out where to buy great jeans.  I’m in a slump.  Express used to sell jeans that fit me perfectly (I have virtually no hips – which is not a good thing).  Now I have about six pairs – but I don’t love any of them.  I really, really want to love my jeans.  Suggestions welcome, of course!

Completed  two new manuscripts.  I’m off to a craptastic start in terms of my writing.  Family stuff has kept me away from my computer for over two weeks.  I really want to meet up with my critique group, because they can give me a solid kick in the seat of my ugly jeans.

Stopped sneaking candy bars after my husband and kids have gone to sleep at night I’ve been trying to break this habit for years and instead of improving I’ve become more dedicated to the cause.  Come over to my house if you need a shot of Snickers or Baby Ruth bars.  Yum!!!

Started exercising on a regular basis once again.  Let’s just say 2010 was not my year and if I’m not careful my backside will soon resemble a Kardashian.  Great googellymoggelly!!!!

Acquired a desire to cook

Given up my fear of failureMy writing will get rejected.  That doesn’t mean I stop sending out partials for consideration.

Visited a new baseball park this summer.  I’d love to take the boys to a MLB stadium that they haven’t been to before.

Left Behind regrets for everything on this list that I don’t accomplish before January 31st, 2011.


4 thoughts on “2011…

  1. Do not rule out a trip to a minor league venue. They usually try harder and are more kid friendly. Memphis and Portland are both great experiences. However if it is MLB, please let the Riggs clan know because we still have many to cross off our list.



    • Oh, Martin. I would love to visit Memphis! It is on my wish list. Our clan will definitely keep you in the loop if we can put together a trip to a different stadium than we’ve visited previously!!!


    • What flavor jello shots? I’ve never been to Toledo – but throw in a few lime jello shots and I might remedy that. (This would also help boost my liquids intake).


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