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Every now and then I’ll type my name into Google’s search engine.  Usually I bite my nails hoping that I won’t unearth anything that will make me cry.  Well, yesterday I found something that made me smile – so I thought I’d share it with you.


Love at the Ball Park Bundle

Leto, Julie, Elizabeth Boys of Summer: Fever Pitch\The Sweet Spot\Sliding Home  Oberlies, Rita The Catcher and the Lie  Michaels, Tanya Mistletoe Cinderella  Rock, Joanne Sliding into Home 

The online bookstore Diesel is offering my book as part of a baseball ebook bundle.  Major squee moment because the other three stories are from popular Harlequin authors.  I’ve actually read two of these previously – Fever Pitch by Julie Elizabeth Leto and Sliding Home by Leslie Kelly.  They were both hits with me (bad pun, I know).

Admit it — this is cool!!!  Want to snuggle up and escape the cold for a few hours?  Check out these boys of summer:


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