It’s 6 degrees outside…


I approached this past weekend with both anticipation and anxiety.  There was much going on – things that would make me smile and things that would threaten my composure.  On Saturday family and friends gathered together to say goodbye to my husband’s grandmother.  Relatives traveled from all over (Shanghai, Boston, Denver, Omaha, etc) to be here in person.  It was a great celebration; one that my grandmother-in-law would have thoroughly enjoyed!  Most of the weekend went exceedingly well:

  • Enjoyed a special visit Friday night with my brothers and sister-in-law who traveled from Boston.  Relaxed at home with pizza, wine, and a raucous game of Apples to Apples.  The true highlight was that we were able to celebrate my eldest son’s Pinewood Derby success. 
  • I neither tripped nor flubbled my reading in church.  For some reason I was really worried all week about participating in the funeral mass.  Even though I’ve done readings at weddings & funerals before — this time I was panicking more than usual.  (I actually had insomnia earlier in the week because it was weighing so heavily on my mind).
  • I found a new suit in time for Saturday — and a new blazer for my six year old.  This may not sound newsworthy but usually when I NEED a certain article of clothing (versus when I want something new) I strike out.  Fortunately I picked up an Ann Klein suit that fit me off the rack (and it wasn’t even black, which made me smile because my husband’s gram wasn’t a huge fan of black clothing). I had a brief moment of panic when my husband’s sister told me she almost purchased the exact same suit.  Since we were both doing readings it would have been amusing in an uncomfortable way.   And let me just throw in the fact that my six year totally dug his new navy blazer — insisted on wearing it again to brunch on Sunday. (Suit is pictured below, although it is difficult to see the details). 

Anne Klein-anne klein suit 2piece skirted suit

Not every thing went smoothly:

  • Saturday night a rash broke out along my shoulder/neck line.  Since I’m not prone to allergic reactions I’m struggling to discern the cause.  Right now I’m thinking the suit is the culprit.  Ick!!!
  • Just above this rash I think I strained a tendon in my neck.  It’s sore and slightly bulging.  Probably stress induced.
  • My NE Patriots totally imploded yesterday.  I thought Tom Brady’s hair was the only joke we’d see Sunday — he topped it with his rather abysmal performance.  (The pain and disappointment is fresh so please excuse my blunt criticism).
  • Cold spell blew in last night, dropping the temperature to around 2 degrees.  Right now it’s six outside.  Needless to say I’m not taking the kids outside to sled today.  We braved the cold sledding for about an hour late Sunday afternoon and my hands are still cold.

Time to tackle laundry and dirty dishes.  Be back soon!


10 thoughts on “It’s 6 degrees outside…

  1. L’il Ri-Ri, I’m thinking of starting an ” Apples to Apples ” club here in the Boston area. If it should catch on, maybe you could form a club in the Greater Rochester Area. What say you ?

    • I hear you on the singing, Mr. Kersey! I’m a world class lip syncher because of my limited vocal capacity. Let’s get this APPLES TO APPLES party started!


  2. Ah Mr. KERSEY, you may not be able to sing but you’re good. Very good ! If memory serves, didn’t your alter ego, Mr. CHETTIE BRONSON, slice + dice the W.R. Chapter of the Fruits ‘n Veggies ?

  3. L’il Ri-Ri, Mr. KERSEY, the weatherman’s calling for below zero temps here in the Bawwwwwston Area on Monday ! Sure hope that all those Fruits ‘n Veggies seek appropriate shelter …. All Chiquita Bananas should be especially careful !

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