How many wrinkles can you get in a single week?


I’m pretty sure the answer is…a lot!  Things have been crazy – not awful – just disjointed.  I like routine.  I like to get up in the morning and follow the same pattern that I followed the day before (take care of the dogs, make coffee, wake the kids, make the beds, make breakfast, etc…).  Since January 2nd, there has been no routine in casa de Oberlies.  My inner OCD is apoplectic.  Things will slow down in a few weeks (that’s my plea to the universe, anyway). 

Not sure I mentioned that I subbed a chapter at the end of 2010 to Harlequin’s SYTYCW challenge.  Well, they responded today.  Here is some of what they had to say:   ‘While we found much to like about your story, we ultimately went in another direction for our winning entry. We encourage you to keep submitting to one of our Harlequin lines—if not this project, then a different one.’

I must confess this is one of the reasons I like Harlequin.  Instead of squishing me like a potato bug, they made me feel like my writing has a thread of promise.  Two simple sentences turned my frown upside down (ugh, could I be any more cliche).  This weekend I’m going to drag out that completed manuscript and polish it up.  Maybe I’ll try and target it toward a specific Harlequin line or maybe I’ll see if it might fit somewhere else.  But I will keep trying.  I want to keep pushing my writing forward.  When my life gets hectic — it’s the best darn retreat in the world!



6 thoughts on “How many wrinkles can you get in a single week?

  1. Absolutely, Deb! Speaking of positive outcomes, I think I need to invest in one of those overpriced wrinkle creams. Or maybe I should just cover those areas with a Sharpie marker? Hmm, tough decision. Maybe I’ll sleep on it tonight.


  2. Awww my L’il RI-RI, wrinkles + all, you’re just about the best baby sister a guy could have ! Why not try some VASELINE to keep those lines + crevices @ bay ?

    • Gus-
      I’m not sure I can steal your secret to aging gracefully. You’ve been smathering Vaseline on your face since I was in grade school…it still seems goopy (not goofy, mind you) to me. But, of course, the results have been impressive – because you look MARVELOUS, dear!


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