In a New York minute…


Popped down to New York City for the weekend.  Despite the rather short nature of the trip (48 hours), managed to have a great time.  Instead of driving we decided to hook a ride on Amtrak.  It turned out to be a judicious choice considering the crazy weather that has been pelting the northeast this winter.  Although the clouds brought rain instead of snow – we put on a brave face and water proof boots and clomped our way around Manhattan.  Thumbs up on:

Hotel selection:  Stayed at the Intercontinental Barclay, which lived up to its four star rating.

Food:  Hard Rock Cafe, PJ Clarke’s, and Carmine’s.  Every bite of food I put into my mouth was worth the added layer of love around my midsection.

Company:  Spent the weekend with my family (including spouse, kids, siblings, inlaws, niece & nephew, sweet cheeks, etc).  Since we live in different cities getting together isn’t always an easy task.

Enjoyed a surprise birthday ‘destination’ party for my older sister.  After months of secret planning by my brother-in-law we converged on NYC and pulled it off without a problem (this is amazing if you knew how talkative my family can be with each other).

For the first time in weeks I downloaded books onto my new Kindle.  Read three new books during my time on Amtrak…also read an old favorite just for fun!

Arrived home early Sunday evening to the news that my father-in-law special ordered a Super Bowl spread for my family.  Since my father- in- law loves great food he went to the best place in town.  Yum. Yum. Yum.

Hopefully I’ll upload some pictures of my trip tomorrow.  Come back and check to see if I follow through.


3 thoughts on “In a New York minute…

  1. Gus –

    Little Miss Debbie knows how to make a mean drink and fabu appetizers…she’d be a great draft pick for the family! Does that mean we get to give soemone up? Just asking!!!!


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