They say that breaking up is…

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…hard to do.  Today is the day I want to break up with my phone/cable/internet provider.  The problem is, with the exception of cable, they’re the only game in town.  The service is scary bad…incoming phone calls only connect about 1/2 of the time.  Family members that call me on a regular basis now try my cell phone first because they know that PROVIDER X is stink-o-docious.  The sad thing is I can handle the technical aspect of inferior service.  It’s the customer contact side that always threatens my sanity.  When I call a service center (which I’m shelling out $235 a month to) please try and listen.  Feign empathy.  Be honest.  DON’T blame the consumer.  It’s okay to be plagued with problems — but you need to be nice.  That’s why you get a pay check.  Seriously, I’ve been in those shoes.  I supervised and managed others in that environment.  I even trained representatives just like you on how to handle tricky service concerns.  Hold the snark for after hours.  By all means treat yourself to a Snickers Bar and lament the cranky people you had to deal with all day long.  But be considerate.  Respect yourself and the company you work for enough to be polite.  Act like your job depends on it…because some day it will!


One thought on “They say that breaking up is…

  1. My L’il Ri-Ri, isn’t it past time to give serious consideration to dislodging yourself from the “grid” ? You know, in a crunchy, touchy-feely, earthy, back-to-nature kind of way ?

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