A Hankerin’ for some Books…


It’s winter break but activity has been limited this vacation. The kids are still getting over some uber strong germs that knocked them for a loop last week.   Normally I’d cuddle up with my Kindle and download a dozen books.  But right now I’m caught up on most of my favorite authors.  This makes me antsy — anticipating upcoming releases.  Right now I have a sticky note on the front of my Kindle cover listing ‘must have’ books as soon as they become available.  Here are just a few:

  • Kristan Higgans – My One and Only
  • Shannon Stacey – Yours by Design (next in her Kowalski series)
  • Julie James – A Lot Like Love
  • Rachel Gibson – Any Man of Mine
  • Jill Shalvis – The Sweetest Thing
  • JD Robb – Treachery in Death (this has released I just haven’t read it yet)

Hmmm…in the meantime I’m rereading old favorites and trying to wrap up my current work in progress.  Let me know if you have any books that recently knocked your socks off.  I’m open to new authors 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Hankerin’ for some Books…

    • I love your suggestion…’cause I do enjoy Vince. For some reason I didn’t read his novels in any proper order, which makes me crazy trying to figure out which ones I’ve read previously. I bought several of his books at Christmas as a stocking stuffer for my father-in-law.


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