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I try not to think about those aspects of my personality that scream — kookapotamus!  Hey, we all have our little odd traits, right?  Maybe some of you can relate to my OCD issues:

  • Can’t fall asleep without socks on.  I never, ever sleep with bare feet.
  • Have to make everyone’s bed as soon as they are empty.  I will literally drop whatever I’m doing to make sure the sheets, comforter, and pillows are back in proper order.
  • Drive in the same lane of traffic every day.  Now I’ll switch lanes when absolutely needed, but for the most part I repeat the exact same pattern every time I leave the house. Ignore this if you are a stalker.
  • Never read the comics but always read the obituaries.
  • Fear of birds; this has developed over time.  In the past decade I’ve had to extricate a bird from my home on three separate occasions.  Now they freak me out….don’t ask about this past Thursday (my latest encounter with a bird of prey).
  • Talk to every dog I know as if it’s my own.  Bad habit.  Most people don’t like you poaching on their pooches.
  • Drink liquids in the morning and in the evening but almost never during lunchtime.  No explanation.
  • Read articles/blogs that annoy the heck out of me; write a comment to unleash my frustration, then delete it before posting. (This is probably a wise habit, but I usually waste considerable time formulating my response because I want it to be perfect…despite knowing I’m going to delete it immediately).  Doh!!!

Well, that’s enough sharing for today!  Hope your Monday flies by….


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