The art of seduction…


Stop if you need a moment to regroup…this is not ‘that’ kind of post. Today I woke up feeling blah.  More blah than a typical Tuesday.  A late winter head cold has left me grasping for functioning brain cells that will allow me to accomplish something of worth today.  As I stared across my cluttered (and dusty) vanity my eyes zeroed in on a recent impulse purchase…

Cute, huh?  Ten minutes later my nails were transformed from muted red to rather garish green.  I love it!  The color seduced me in CVS because it was front and center in the makeup aisle.  No doubt my boys will be horrified when they see me this afternoon. 

Now, maybe you’re thinking I should stop right there…call it a productive day.  But you know what?  My spouse is out of town and I think I might paint his man cave during his absence.  I sort of mentioned the idea in passing last week and received a groan (or maybe a ‘please no’) in response.  Yet, I think deep down inside he’ll be pleased to see the white walls disappear.  Don’t ask what color I have in mind.  The big trend this year is:

Pantone annouces their color of the year for 2011-- Honeysuckle

After having a bowl of watermelon sherbert last night I began to think the color kind of rocked.  Now, would it work in a man cave?  Not sure.  Check back on Friday and I’ll let you know.

Oh, and the color seduction thing is pulling on me in one final direction.  My hair.  I’m not going to shout out a name here…but there is this cool industry chick who has a picture with her hair kind of funky (chunks of fun color).  And frankly I’d love to try out something similar. 

Okay, maybe this is a by-product of too much cold medicine.  Perhaps something a little more subtle?


17 thoughts on “The art of seduction…

  1. Okay, put down the paint brush and roller and no one will get hurt. Sister you do not know what you are doing.


    • Hold on, Martin. I decided to tone back on the color for the ‘man cave’. But make no mistake the white walls are about to disappear forever 🙂 Right now I’m changing up my haircolor. BE AFRAID…VERY AFRAID!

      • I live in terror. However right now I am listening to “The Promise(Fire) and trying to cook dinner. I think I live my life in the past. It seems so much better, at least the music.

      • Pip and Pop are forced to listen to my music all the time. Sean was actually singing along to Carly Simon on the drive home from school today (You’re so vain…).

    • I didn’t know that, Kersey. Look at those eyelids? Fascinating. Gosh, now I’m thinking I want a tattoo…(although I’m sure that’s just makeup on her).

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