Today I cringed when…


  • I woke up to find snow falling heavily outside my window.  Yes, it it to be expected – but no, it doesn’t need to be welcomed with open arms.
  • A five year old student broke down in tears at the library where I volunteer.  He was so upset that he couldn’t tell me what was wrong.  Errrrr…I was inches away from crying, too.  It didn’t matter that the child wasn’t mine.  Yes, the two other adults in the room looked at me like I was a loon.
  • My laptop lost its mind.  I had one hour to focus on my WIP (settled into a nice quiet spot) and the darn thing wouldn’t let me open up my document.  I spent twenty minutes trying to sweet talk it into behaving.  Ended up writing only a page and a half.  Pitiful?
  • I tried to coach a friend on ways to handle a passive-aggressive individual that they have to deal with daily.  This is an ongoing issue and it makes me want to SCREAM.  The truth is it’s never going to get easier interacting with that personality type.  I spout ‘leadership training’ skills that I used when I worked in the corporate world but I really want to tell my friend to throw pretzels at the petty little person (pretzels dipped in cheese whiz).
  • Drowned my sorrows in a tray of fresh oatmeal raisin cookies.  Pulled them out of the oven, directly into my mouth.  Yum and yuck!!!!

9 thoughts on “Today I cringed when…

  1. The UNCLE GUS is extremely fond of oatmeal – raisin cookies. Yum. Lish – Lish. Don’t you just love it when celebrities refer to themselves in the third person ?

    • Well, Gus it’s kind of cute when you go third person.

      What’s not so cute is that I realized today that no one else even got a bite of my cookies. I ate every last one of them by myself. I guess I’m destined to be selfish and chunky 🙂

      Love ya,

    • Hey, Kersey…next time I’m in the neighborhood I’ll bring you a batch. Maybe we can round up some of the gang and sip cappuccinos on the grass at E.E.


  2. Gus – I was thinking that EE is such a verdant oasis that it would serve as an ideal spot for neighbors to reconnect with the community and with one another. I only wish there were more places in the area that were so welcoming 🙂

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