Staring at the ceiling…


Today I’m trying real hard not to look up.  The sun is shining through our fourteen skylights, which in theory sounds fabulous on this cold (twenty-five degrees) spring morning.  Sadly, all I can think about is the layer of dust coating my ceiling fans.  In order to clean them properly I’d need to drag out a ladder.  Just not happening.  So, instead I’m looking at nothing above eye level and fighting off the boredom of a Monday morning.  Since there is no one home to play a board game with — I’m going to amuse myself here.  Play along if your life is as dull as mine this morning 🙂

  • What time did you wake up this morning?  (Four o’clock to let my two dogs outside.  My beagle/walker seems to be suffering from insomnia.  Must look into late night tv options that can amuse him so I can actually sleep more than five hours a night).
  • Can you do a cartwheel?  Or a handstand?  (I can still do a semi-decent cartwheel; my last attempt at a handstand caused injury to others so I’m going to say no).
  • Do windy days bother you or do you like them?  (If I’m inside I adore windy days where the trees blow hard enough to shake out the acorns;  if I’m outside my hair usually whips around my face to the point that I resemble Amy Winehouse).
  • Do you know how to diagram a sentence? (No, and I’m going to be really sad if someone out there over the age of fifteen remembers how to do it).
  • What do you do when you find out there is a big storm on the way? (Check the food pantry to see how much Diet Dr. Pepper I have and if there are enough bags of chips for everyone in my family to get their own.  Side note: I also double check my chocolate supply, but this is done privately).
  • If you could plan a trip anywhere where would it be?  Lottery headquarters to pick up my winnings….still in the dream stage with this one!

Well, that’s ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back.  Was it good for you?


2 thoughts on “Staring at the ceiling…

  1. Oh my TERRy, today’s title induced distressing flashbacks of a truly hideous song/video by LIONEL RITCHIE back in the day ….. Ewwww !

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