Just wishing and hoping…


The Red Sox would start winning. Yes, I know the season is only three games young…but really an 0 and 3 opening series is just a tad shameful.

  Yes, once again I’m sad about not attending a major conference.  RT Booklovers Convention is in Los Angeles this week and I’m pretending not to be jealous (of course, I’m drowning in envy).

  My younger son turns 7 tomorrow and I’m dreaming up awesome cupcakes that I can send into his classroom.  Of course, the operative word here is dreaming.  Reality is that I will be purchasing sweet treats — so that they actually look and taste agreeable to his first grade classmates. 

I can almost visualize the end of my current work in progress.  The hard part is getting there without grinding my teeth into stubs.

Finally, on this Monday morning I’m wishing that the heavy rain falling outside will wipe away the dirt on my skylights.  Fingers crossed this will save me several hours of spring cleaning next week 🙂


8 thoughts on “Just wishing and hoping…

  1. The Red Sox WILL get its act together in Cleveland- and best believe in Fenway!
    The evil ’98 yanks started their season losing three and ended up with a World Series title. Keep the faith!

    • I wear my heart on my sleeve…and riding the emotional roller coaster is half the fun. If I don’t expect too much going in to the season then I’m less likely to rant and rave in September when we’re fighting for a playoff spot 🙂 But I will hold off on the antacids until after the All Star Break.


    • Interesting point, Kersey. We do actually have fitted shades for all of our skylights (which is much needed when summer rolls around). However, I hate to roll them up and then roll them down — because I have to drag out a big ole ladder each time. Between my general state of laziness and my fear of heights I keep the ladder away until I absolutely need it 🙂


  2. Speaking of ” Just wishing + hoping … ” , wouldn’t it just be so awesome + amazing if TIGGER WOODS were to suddenly revert to form + snag another green jacket @ this week’s Master’s ? Just sayin’ ….

    • TIGER, tiger, burning bright
      In the forests of the night,
      What immortal hand or eye
      Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

      Perhaps William Blake was a bit of a prophet, eh? I sort of enjoy the Masters most when a vitual unknown takes the green jacket 🙂


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