My top five love/hate relationships…


#5:  The gas station:  I love the feeling of driving around with a full tank of gas (it lends itself to my daydream of packing up the family and driving to Longboat Key, FL just because I miss it).  However, I loathe that it now costs me over $50 to fill the tank.

#4:  My hair:  Yesterday I spent 20 minutes blow drying and then straightening it with a hot iron.  It looked marginally better than usual (according to my kids).  But I’m seriously not loving that it took me 15 minutes longer than I usually spend on my hair.

#3:  Taco Bell:  I love their al fresco menu.  Their yummy steak taco al fresco only has 160 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.  I despise the fact that my stomach cries out for it every day at noon.  (Honestly I can’t be within a five mile radius or I capitulate).

#2:  Baseball:  I’m lovin’ that the boys of summer are back at the ballpark.  The fact that my team is still winless is keeping me far away from the television set.  Won’t watch until they win their first game 🙂

#1:  Email:  Right now I’m checking my inbox constantly.  It’s what I do when I’m waiting for writing related news.  I always (always, always) anticipate a rejection.  I’m not a pessimist….it’s just that my gut tends to be more honest than my brain.  During the window between when I submit a wip and when I hear back I usually binge eat (see # 3 above), open my email fifty times a day, and wonder if Nora Roberts would hire me on as her intern.


8 thoughts on “My top five love/hate relationships…

    • Actually Gus, I’m trying to remove that thought from my head for the time being. Every weekend between now and mid June is crazy wild with activities. I don’t even want to tell you what’s shakin’ here this weekend. Aaarrrgh!!!


    • Makes you think of spring, huh? Nothing better than hitting the drive thru, sun roof open, blasting the radio — scarfing down a soft taco! Can you say, yum?


      • Hmmm…all I wanna do is have some fun
        Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard.

        I’m thinking road trip to L.A. What say, you? We did the NY thing this year…left coast is next!


    • Kersey-
      C’mon, man! You know I’m not that hip. I had to Google ‘Cobbie Caillat’ cause I thought it might a new Cajun dish that I wasn’t familiar with.


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