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That’s actually the working title of my current (not yet completed) manuscript.  It’s also an apt description of my weekend roundup.  All of my planned activities went smoothly.  Yippee skippee, right?  Well, there was a glitch.  A stinky one.  And sadly, I mean that in the literal sense. 

But first the highs:

  • The temperature hit 73 degrees here on Sunday.  That alone is worthy of celebration.
  • The boys won their season opener in flag football.  They’re on the same team for the first time, which makes it even cooler.
  • I hit the mini golf course hard on Saturday, followed up by lunch at Wendys and a visit to a local farm/animal shelter.  Although we didn’t adopt a puppy (came close, friends), we had a great time visiting the horses, cows, emus, pigs, geese, donkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, etc…  I’m pretty sure one of the donkeys thought I was taking her home with me….(maybe next time, sweetheart).
  • Enjoyed another birthday celebration for my younger son.  What can go wrong when you have enough cake and ice cream in your house to feed a small village?  Nothing.
  • Sat on my front porch swing for hours looking over old photo albums with my husband while the kids slept on the living room floor (they were out cold at 5:00 pm on Saturday).
  • Watched the Sox take 2 out of 3 against the Yankees.  Now that we are no longer winless I feel it’s safe to continue my obsessive addiction to baseball.
  • Predicted early Sunday morning that Charl Schwartzel would win the Masters.  My older son was shocked when he realized I was right 🙂
  • Finished reading ‘The Help’.  Loved it!
  • Despite my fear after reading a less than stellar review, I purchased ‘My One and Only’ by Kristan Higgins.  Now, it’s no secret I’m a big fan of Kristan’s books.  If I didn’t like one of her books I’d probably be tempted to just not say anything about it.  But, honestly, I really enjoyed her latest release.  Two big thumbs up 🙂

Clearly my weekend was trending in a positive direction, right?  Then came the ominous ‘stink’.  In the middle of my mini-family birthday celebration I ran downstairs to my lower kitchen and nearly fell over.  Something was foul.  Think sewage.  Yuck!  Now there was no visible signs that a pump in our downstairs bathroom had failed.  It’s some odd system (not septic, thank heavens) with a pump beneath the vanity.  It’s cracked.  Ouch!  And according to our trusty plumber (who graciously counseled us over the phone during the Masters) there might not be an available replacement on the market today. Ouch. Darn. Ouch! 

For now I’ve shut the door, told the kids to avoid the area at all costs, and wiped it from my mind.  Until my plumber actually examines it, which will likely be in the next few days, I’m not going to speculate on the pain this is going to bring to my pocketbook.  No doubt it will be very, very, stinky.


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