I think I’m a dork…


Before y’all chime in to confirm my suspicion that I’m a dork, I want you to make sure you’re not a club member, too.  Today during my morning drive the sunrise was so bright that it created a half rainbow in the clouds (no rain prior, which seemed odd).  Anyway, as I flipped down the FM dial I happened upon John Denver, belting out Sunshine on my Shoulder.  Now, I remember as a kid one of my aunts had a beat up cassette with this song.  And honestly, I used to cringe when she’d turn it on (side note: it was always followed up by Anne Murray’s Snowbird).  Here comes the dorky part — today I happily chirped along with John.  As the song wound down, I glanced in the rearview mirror and discovered my younger son shaking his head in dismay.  Then I heard his commentary: Really mom?  Not cool.  At all.

Can you say cruel flashback?  Years ago I was the child with the smirk on my face, wondering if there was a clue gun around that I could give my aunt. 

So are you in or out?  Would you be caught singing John Denver with the windows rolled down? 

Now I’m off to hide my Kindle.  I downloaded a Jill Shalvis book last night.  Sadly, I struck a deal with myself before I hit the buy button that I wouldn’t start reading it today until I reached my word count goal on my work-in-progress.  Yes, yes… just another sign of my dorkiness!


4 thoughts on “I think I’m a dork…

  1. Can I raise my hand now? The song that gets me going is…Country Roads. I still tear up when I hear it. And as a kid, I used to cover my ears when it came on. Ok. Enough therapy dork session. Get typing!

    • OMG — that might land you in the ‘double dork’ category! If I start humming that today you’re in trouble…
      Just watched last night’s episode of Castle. Now I’m hitting the laptop 🙂 Hope you have a productive writing day!!!


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