A surreal moment…

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Have you ever had one of those moments that just stops you cold in your tracks?  When something derails you so completely that you literally freeze up?  Today as I was thumbing through the mail I came across my college alumni magazine.  As is my routine, I immediately flipped to the last section which contains all the juicy class notes (marriages, births, professional accomplishments, deaths, etc.).   Since it’s been several years since I graduated (I’m using several rather loosely) I usually get excited to see familiar names.

Well, today I saw a familiar name and my heart hiccupped.  It was a death notice for a guy that my best friend dated for a few years.  Because we did most everything together, I also spent a great deal of time hanging out with this gentleman and his best friend (who had great hair btw).

Needless to say I was heartbroken.  When the shock settled I immediately went to my computer with the thought of emailing my friend to see if she had heard the news (she lives abroad now).  Now this is where it gets a little strange.  Instead of just writing to my friend, I decided to do an online search for the obituary so I could find out more about what had happened to our old buddy.  Guess what I discovered?  It was a mistake.  Our alumni magazine had made an enormous error.  My college classmate was still very much alive and breathing.  Sadly, his father had passed away and somehow our alumni association got their wires crossed. 

Of course, without the internet I would not have realized that the death notice was incorrect.  So, thank you Al Gore 🙂 

Now that my pulse has settled I think I’m going to pull out some old pictures from those college days – remember some of those very special times.  Then later tonight I’m going to say a prayer of thanks that my friend is still out there somewhere enjoying this chapter in his life with his family!


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