Hold that taco…

Bookworm Charm
Last week I professed my love for Taco Bell’s al fresco steak tacos.  It would take both hands to count the number of times I’ve hit the drive thru there this month.  (On Tuesday they had no drinks. None.  No soda.  No milk.  No juice.  Since I travel with my own stash of bottled water it was not a deterrent. But I had a fun time listening to the guy ahead of me in line cry.  Apparently he missed the Boy Scout meeting where they talked about being prepared).

I bet you’re wondering where the heck this post is going.  Today I had a real lunch.  At a real restaurant.  Where I wore real shoes.  And I actually talked to people other than myself.  It was lovely.  Maybe the best part about it was the fact that I was the ‘baby’ in the group.  My companions, all connected through my volunteer work at the school library, were a hoot.  Because we spanned multiple generations the conversations were all over the board (I actually wanted to pull out my notebook and write down bits and pieces of the stories I heard).  Yes, this would not have been cool – but it would been great material for a story.

Sadly, I had to skip out before dessert, which is pretty much a sin in my book.  However, before I left I received a beautiful gift from the head librarian.  She gave all her ‘helpers’ a silver charm bracelet.  Guess what the charm on it is?  A bookworm!  Cool.  Very, very cool!


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