Are you easily influenced?


Less than 24 hours ago the last thing on my mind was cutting my hair.  I was comfortable with the length (a few inches below my shoulder) and relatively pleased with my now fading highlights.  That all changed when my husband asked:  “Are you thinking about cutting it all off again?  It looks really cute when I can see your ears.”

What?  See my ears?  Was he hitting the cough syrup behind my back?  Of course, once he put the thought out there in the universe — I couldn’t let it go.  I conducted a non scientific poll of all those residing in my house (spouse, sons, dogs, skipped the dwarf frogs because I don’t trust their feedback).  Results were mixed.  I then scoured the internet, printed off a dozen pictures of hot hair trends.  Took a second poll.  I had my answer.  The only one left uncertain was me.

You know how this story ends, right?  I’m now sporting a shorter cut.  I didn’t go the pixie route (which my husband favors), but rather a pretty standard bob. Similar to the headshot above.  It feels great, healthy and lighter.  Check back later this week, I might post a picture.  Oops, I should probably think of some better incentive than a chance to see my picture.


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