Life I love you, all is groovy…


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Some things in life don’t hold much interest for me.  I’ve spent years as an Amex cardholder.  It was my first major crush in college.  Our relationship has been steady, loyal, and relatively stress free.  This past weekend my husband glanced at my most recent online statement.  Normally I’d expect this to result in a small frown or maybe a raised eyebrow.  This time his reaction was nothing short of exhuberant.  Apparently I had amassed over 250,000 reward points.  My reaction?  “Sounds good.  Do you remember where I hid the Easter candy?  I’m starving.”

Within five minutes my husband was doing a happy dance.  I had enough points to get an Apple desktop computer for free (yes, this is the same system he’s been eyeing for months).  He’s a bit of a geek when it comes to Apple products and he’s itching to take me over to the dark side (from which there is no return).  To be honest, I would never have redeemed my reward points if he hadn’t suggested it.  They could have hit the million mark and it would never have even registered with me. 

In a few short hours UPS will be delivering my new system.  See, this is one reason all is groovy.

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Now there is a second reason why I’m loving life today.  For me writing is a bit of a compulsion.  It’s fun.  It’s stressful.  It’s personal.  It’s me.  When I write anything (and I’m being completely honest here) I don’t expect anyone else to like it.  That’s probably not unusual.  In fact I have a friend who is an author that has kind of a similar outlook.  Hence, when someone gives me feedback (good or bad) it has an enormous impact.  If that someone is a stranger it packs even more of a punch.  Yesterday I received some feedback on one of my completed manuscripts.  It was sweet.  It was helpful and constructive.  It was a gift.  It was one of those moments I mentioned in a previous blog post.  A moment where I pinch myself because while I’m not the writer I want to be (yet) — I am a writer. Someone saw enough in my story to invest their time to help me make it better.  I’m grateful.  Life I love you, all is groovy…


4 thoughts on “Life I love you, all is groovy…

  1. TERRY, for some reason the title of today’s silliness caused me to have a flashback to ” The PARTRIDGE FAMILY ” ! How groovy is that ?

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