Oh, baby it’s a wild world…


Here at casa de Oberlies we like to think of ourselves as friends to all creatures great and small.  However, the past twenty-four hours have caused a rift between the animal kingdom and my humble domain.  Before I share my latest mishap, please keep in mind that my brain is still addled with fever.  As I mentioned yesterday, a handsome, young woodpecker took up residence in my home last night.  While visitors are welcome, there are some instances where I would prefer that an actual invitation be extended first.  After a few rounds of emotional and physical gymnastics, I was able to coax my young friend back out into the wild.  Thus, I went to bed dreaming of all the cleaning I would need to do in the morning to wipe away any trace of my recently departed guest.  Fast forward nine hours (5:50 AM, to be exact) and I encounter a feral cat happily sprawled out in the middle of my driveway.  Since I’m rolling a rather large garbage bin, I assumed that my cranky little feline would scatter off.  No such luck!  After a two minute staring contest, I changed my direction and traveled over wet grass to reach my destination.

Now I’m a huge fan of embellishing stories, but this time there’s no need.  Five minutes later I discover my two dogs acting very weird in the yard.  Normally I can coax them inside with a few dog treats.  Today they ignore my attempts at bribery.  Yes, yes — it’s a very special day.  As I poke around in their dog run I discover a recently deceased bunny rabbit.  Ugh!  Although they weren’t responsible for its demise, they were fascinated with the poor thing.  Now I’m even more frustrated with the feral cat, who clearly had a wild night in my yard.

Remember, spouse is out of town.  Dead rabbit in my fenced dog run.  And chances are running strong that the kids will be late for school.  I won’t bore you with the details but I removed the little bunny from my yard — crying the whole time.  Drove the kids to school.  Took another dose of cold medicine as soon as I got home.

And then….wait for it, cause this is the really fun part.  Lo and behold, discovered that the woodpecker had returned downstairs.

I think I’ve shared enough with y’all to ensure that you should all be grateful that you ARE NOT me.  Frankly, casa de Oberlies has become too darn WILD!  If this is life in the suburbs I shudder to think what country living is like.

UPDATE:  Yes, folks.  Our visiting woodpecker has returned for a third time.  My attempts at blocking the fireplace clearly were an abject failure.  Since I’m not climbing up onto the roof, there’s a good chance my guest plans on staying the week!


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